Nuclear Content Management System

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Nuclear is an open-source, polymorphic and multilingual CMS. Being built on Laravel, it enables you to create custom content structures with varying hierarchies and types.


User Friendly & Responsive Interface

Nuclear has a responsive user-friendly interface that allows you to easily manage your content. All actions can be done from any device and screen size.

Hierarchical & Multilingual Content System

Nuclear enables you to create and modify hierarchical content structures. It is designed to provide for bespoke designs and applications with ease and flexibility.

Polymorphic Contents & Custom Fields

Nuclear is designed to be extensible by incorporating various content and data types. Multiple content types can be defined to incorporate multiple data fields with different data types including media, text editor, color and content relations.


Nuclear is designed to include most common needs for most websites. The tag system allows you to list your content under different categories independent from the content hierarchy.

Easy Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

All content in Nuclear are SEO enabled to provide for customization of title tags, meta descriptions, cover images, keywords and author information.

Media Library

Nuclear has a core documents and media system that gives you the ability to store, modify and embed different types of media. There is a responsive image caching system as well as an inbuilt image editor designed to provide for most common image editing needs like cropping and rotating.

Users, Roles & Permissions

Nuclear has a robust and flexible authentication and authorization system that protects different modules. It is designed to be extensible to provide for custom permissions and roles for websites and applications.

Custom Forms & Answer Management

Interactivity plays a vital role for modern websites. Nuclear has an inherent customizable form and answer system that is optimal for surveys or contact pages. Answers are stored inside Nuclear for management and tracking.

Maintenance & Regular Updates

Most websites are dynamic applications that require different types of performance enhancement, caching and maintenance features. Nuclear has an easy interface for maintenance and regular updates that ensures the health of your website in the long run.

Go Nuclear

We are big believers of open-source software. That is why we store all of Nuclear's source code and it's subcomponents on GitHub. Feel free to install it on your system to try it out. We really appreciate your feedback, especially pull requests for bug fixes and new features.

composer create-project nuclear/nuclear blog
cd blog
php artisan reactor:install